Proposed Revisions to Staff Policy 70-Complaint Resolution

To: UCSC Staff Employees

From: Charlotte Moreno, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources

The University of California has proposed revisions to Staff Policy 70, “Complaint Resolution” in order to clarify the process for resolving complaints made by employees in the Professional and Support Staff (PSS) and Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP) salary grades I-VII personnel groups. As part of the normal policy review process, we are providing information about the proposed revisions and asking for your comment.

The proposed revisions are intended to better define the rights and responsibilities of both employees and the University during the complaint resolution process. New sections, intended to address common issues such as informal resolution and withdrawing a complaint, have also been added to the proposed policy.

The revised policy would replace Personnel Policies for Staff Members 70 (Complaint Resolution) dated March 1, 2000.

For complete information regarding the proposed policy revisions please visit the At Your Service Website:

Comments may be provided by April 27, 2012 to Cathy Schoenfeld at  We will provide a summary of your comments to the Office of the President for their consideration.