Chancellor's 'reflection' on 40 years

Photo of Chancellor Blumenthal
Chancellor Blumenthal

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his arrival as a young faculty member on campus, Chancellor George Blumenthal authored a "reflection" that was published on Sunday, April 1, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

"As I reflect on the campus that has grown up around me, I'm reminded that its course, like my life, has taken unexpected twists and turns on its path to maturity," Blumenthal wrote.

The campus's 10th chancellor, Blumenthal began his UCSC career on April 1, 1972 as a 26-year-old assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics. The campus, which had opened 7 years earlier, had an enrollment of 3,700 students at the time.

Read the chancellor's opinion piece on the campus's last 40 years.