BSLUGS (Boston Santa Cruz Local University Graduates)

Dear BSLUGS (Boston Santa Cruz Local University Graduates),

On Friday evening, April 27, we're going to attend a performance of Yesterday Happened: Remembering H.M. (90 minutes, no intermission) at the Central Square Theatre in Cambridge, Mass.

About the play: At the age of 27, Henry Molaison became frozen in time. After experimental brain surgery, H.M. was unable to form new memories. His personal tragedy became neuroscience's golden opportunity, contributing more to our understanding of the brain than had been learned in the previous 100 years. A scientific detective story, Yesterday Happened: Remembering H.M. explores the mysteries of his moving story, expanding on them and helping us understand ourselves. This World Premiere is being created in conversation between scientists who studied H.M. and artists: playwright Wesley Savick, composer Tod Machover, and designer Justin Townsend.

After the performance,  Tod Machover,  Composer, UCSC (Porter College) alum and Playright/Director Wes Savick will talk about "Adapting HM's Story for the Stage" in a post-show conversation with the audience.

Tod's "work over the past 30 years demonstrates an extraordinary range and diversity that enhances our definition of music itself and our conception of what it can achieve. Called "America's Most Wired Composer" by The Los Angeles Times, Machover is widely recognized as one of the most significant and innovative composers of his generation, and is also celebrated for inventing new technologies for music, including Hypersinstruments which he launched at the MIT Media Lab in 1986."

And last but not least, we'll head over next door to the trendy new Pan-Asian restaurant, Moksa, for drinks and more conversation with Tod.

Don't miss this wonderful and unique opportunity to see a fascinating play, with music composed by your fellow alum, Tod Machover.  Participate in post-performance conversation with the director and composer, and go out for drinks next door for a great time.

WHAT:  Yesterday Happened: Remembering H.M.
WHERE: Central Square Theatre, Cambridge, Mass.
WHEN: Friday, April 27, 8 p.m. (performance) - 10:15 drinks at Moksa
COST: Groups 10+
Adult: $35
Senior: $30
Student: $20
Under 18: $15

RSVP IMMEDIATELY - in order for us to get the seats in a block, we need to pay for them very soon.  I need to know who's coming asap.

Thanks and hope to see you there!
tel. 617-491-3871