UCSC in the News

Inside Higher Ed published a commentary on the "digital humanities" by computer scientist Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

Electrical engineer Michael Isaacson was featured in a KAZU radio news story about the sustainable energy pilot project on the Santa Cruz Wharf.

The Washington Post highlighted UC Santa Cruz as one of five universities that "really are up-and-comers."

Science Now ran a story about research on mercury pollution in fog led by environmental toxicologist Peter Weiss-Penzias.

Discovery News and Science Daily ran stories about research led by doctoral student Birgitte McDonald on the effects of climate change on fur seal pups.

Astronomer Jonathan Fortney was quoted in stories on FoxNews.com and PhysOrg about research on Jupiter and other gas giant planets.

Nanotechnology News and Nanowerk covered electrical engineer Holger Schmidt's research to develop optofluidic chips for sensor technology.

Geologist Gary Griggs was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about the San Lorenzo River's meandering course to the sea, which was threatening to undermine the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

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