UCSC in the News

Seismologist Thorne Lay was interviewed by Voice of America radio and quoted in a Washington Post article on the one-year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The New York Times quoted psychology professor Craig Haney in a Sunday page one article on how prison officials are rethinking the merits of solitary confinement. The article's author was Erica Goode, a former UCSC graduate student in psychology.  CBS News Radio subsequently interviewed Haney on the same subject.

In Weekend Australian magazine’s profile of Miriam Margolyes, the award-winning British actress praised the annual weeklong Dickens Universe conference at UCSC, noting: "It's a unique gathering of enthusiasts, both scholarly and amateur, who gather in the seductive environment of the Santa Cruz campus to study a book in detail, with graduate students, professors and anyone who loves Charles Dickens….for five days, we're hurtling in a glorious Dickens explosion.''

Community studies professor Julie Guthman was quoted in The Atlantic online in an article looking at the role of industrial chemicals and non-caloric aspects of foods -- called obesogens -- in weight gain.

Canada’s Yukon News quoted a recent op-ed in the New York Times by history professor Dana Frank about the military coup and repression in Honduras.

New Scientist ran a story about the computer game Prom Week developed by a team of students and faculty at the Center for Games and Playable Media, with quotes from graduate student Josh McCoy.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about the top-10 ranking of UCSC's game design programs.

Planetary scientist Jonathan Fortney was quoted in aScience News story about the behavior of water molecules under intense pressure inside giant planets.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about biologist Jennifer O'Leary's research on the impact of overfishing on coral reefs.

The upcoming exhibit "Origami: Art + Mathematics" was promoted on Boing Boing.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a feature about the Theater Arts Department’s collaborative production with DANM, The Thinning Veil, which employs ‘telematic’ technology.

Bioinformatics expert Jim Kent was quoted in a Wired News photo essay on "awesome Lego science models."

The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured a story about history professor and Holocaust survivor Peter Kenez who is slated to share his research as the speaker at UCSC’s annual Emeriti Lecture.

Marine scientists Michael Beck and Stephan Munch were featured in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about their Pew Fellowships for Marine Conservation.

An American Theatre article about fundraising during the economic downturn noted that Shakespeare Santa Cruz was one a few theater companies that have rebounded due to emergency fundraising campaigns.

The gaming blog Kotaku ran a follow-up article about Rock Vibe, the experimental music game created by UCSC Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) graduate Rupa Dhillon that was designed to be playable by sighted and non-sighted gamers.

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