UCSC in the News

"He tells a great story, he creates incredible, unforgettable characters, his dialogue is splendid, his language in general is wonderful”, says John Jordan, professor of literature at UC Santa Cruz and an expert on Dickens,”  the Los Angeles Times wrote in a Feb. 9 article.

Jordan—director of the Dickens Project at UCSC, appeared in numerous stories about Dickens’ 200th birthday that ran in such media venues as the Associated Press, The China Post, National Public Radio, ArtDaily.org, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, Philadelphia’s Times-Herald, Washington Examiner, ABCNews.com, Washington Times, Boston Herald, Mississippi Sun Herald, and Georgia's Ledger-Inquirer.

Biologist Rachel Johnson's findings on the influence of hatchery fish on wild salmon populations were reported in the New York Times Green Blog, Huffington Post, Bay Citizen, Hatch magazine, and PhysOrg.

Astronomer Aaron Romanowsky was quoted in stories about the discovery of a "stealth merger" of dwarf galaxies on MSNBC.com, National Geographic News, Space.com, LiveScience, Science Daily, Zee News, and Asian News International.

Biomolecular engineer Ed Green was quoted in a Nature news story about new findings from genomic analysis of the ancient human relatives known as Denisovans.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel published a feature story about 2009 Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) M.F.A. graduate Rupa Dhillon, who created Rock Vibe--a Rock Band-like video game for the blind. Additional stories appeared on PhysOrg.com and KION TV.

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