UCSC in the News

Sociology professor Paul Lubeck was interviewed on the PBS Newshour about the Christmas Day bombings in Nigeria and the underlying economic conditions that are spawning Boko Haram, an incipient insurgency there.

Economics professor Rob Fairlie was quoted in the Economist in an article about the growth of entrepreneurism during a downturn.

In another article, the Economist magazine quoted economics professor K.C. Fung on the relative returns from American foreign direct investment in China, compared with the rest of the world. 

New Scientist magazine ran a story about research by planetary scientist Erik Asphaug on a process that moves boulders on the surface of Mars.

Seismologists Thorne Lay and Emily Brodsky were quoted in an article about the risk of a giant earthquake in the Pacific Northwest in the Oregonian.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Santa Cruz Sentinel ran stories about astronomer Jerry Nelson winning a Franklin Medal.

Astronomer Eliza Kempton's discovery of two planets that survived being swallowed by a red giant star was covered by the Christian Science Monitor, Space.com, Discovery News, and Digital Journal.

Wired News ran a story about researchers Nicholas Shikuma, Kelly Peach, and Walter Bray, who are searching for drugs to fight cholera bacteria.

Astronomer Greg Laughlin was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about discoveries of new planets.

The Monterey County Herald quoted Jonathan Fox, professor and chair of the Latin American and Latino studies department, in an article on Mexican nationals in the United States and their limited opportunities to vote in Mexican elections.

The Marin Independent Journal ran a story about biologist Ingrid Parker's project to restore populations of an endangered flower in the Marin headlands.

Glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk and graduate student Jake Walter were quoted in a story about their research in Antarctica on LiveScience and Our Amazing Planet.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published an opinion piece by politics professor Dan Wirls on America's appetite for war.

The San Jose Mercury News interviewed and quoted UCSC Director of Admissions Michael McCawley on the new holitistic approach to reviewing applications that is being used to form the incoming fall 2012 class.

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