UC proposes revisions to staff policy 34 and staff appreciation plan

To: To: UCSC Staff Employees

From: Charlotte Moreno, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources

The University of California is proposing revisions to Personnel Policies for Staff Members 34 (Incentive Awards). Upon approval, the proposed revisions will provide direction and authority for the oversight and administration of non-base-building cash incentive and recognition awards for Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) and Professional and Support Staff (PSS) employees. 

In addition to the proposed revisions to Staff Policy 34, the University also seeks to establish the “Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan”.  The proposed plan is similar to the current Staff Recognition and Development Program (SRDP), which will be eliminated upon approval of the STAR Plan.  The STAR Plan will be governed by the above-described Staff Policy 34. 

As part of our normal policy review process, I am writing to notify you of these proposals, and invite your comments. 

For complete information including FAQ’s regarding the proposed revisions to Staff Policy 34 and the systemwide STAR Plan, please visit the At Your Service Website:


Policy-covered employees who wish to provide comments on the revised policy and/or the proposed STAR Plan may submit them to Cathy Schoenfeld at pafc@ucsc.edu by Friday, February 3, 2012. We will provide a summary of your comments to the Office of the President for consideration.

Eligibility for exclusively represented employees to participate in the proposed award plans depends on the collective bargaining process and the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement and plan.  For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, notice has been given to your exclusive representative, who has been invited to submit comments on your behalf.  Please direct your comments to your union representative for consideration.  Contact information for union representatives can be found at: http://shr.ucsc.edu/topics/employee-labor-relations/misc/union-contacts.htm