Transportation advisory: November 9

UC Santa Cruz has prepared this page in an effort to keep the campus community informed about transportation and other aspects of campus operations that might be affected by an announced "Day of Action" on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

  • 3:15 pm: Protesters have left Bay Street and are walking on one side of Mission Street, toward the downtown area. If possible, motorists should avoid Mission for the time being. Bay Street has reopened, and the main campus entrance is now accessible from Bay. The west entrance remains open.
  • 3 pm: Protesters have left the entrance of Bay and High Streets and are currently marching down both sides of Bay Street, toward Mission and the downtown area. The main campus entrance has reopened, but people entering the campus must currently do so from High/Empire Grade, not Bay.
  • 2 pm: Due to the presence of people at the intersection of Bay and High Streets, the main entrance is currently closed. Motorists are encouraged to avoid that area. The West Campus entrance remains open.
  • 1:30 pm: Due to pedestrians leaving a rally, traffic is being diverted away from Hagar Drive. Motorists are advised to use the West Entrance to campus if possible.
  • 1 pm: Motorists on Hagar Drive, Steinhardt Way, and Hahn Road in the area of Quarry Plaza are advised to be extra cautious because of the presence of many pedestrians gathered for an afternoon rally.
  • 10 am: There are no traffic delays reported at either campus entrance.
  • 9 am: There are no traffic delays reported at either campus entrance.
  • 8 am: There are no traffic delays reported at either campus entrance.
  • 7 am: There are no traffic delays reported at either campus entrance.

    Please consider adding commute time to your schedule today.

    Thank you very much.

Please Stay Informed: In addition to information being posted on this page as warranted, transportation information today will also be:

  • Recorded on the campus's communications phone line, 831-459-INFO.
  • Relayed on an as-needed basis to KZSC Radio (88.1 FM) for broadcast.

Campus Messages:

  • Please see traffic advisory for today issued by Larry Pageler, director of Transportation & Parking Services, and Nader Oweis, UCSC police chief.