SCMTD Transit Service Adjustments

To: UCSC Community

From: Larry Pageler, Transportation and Parking Services

The SCMTD ("Metro") public transit system has implemented several service adjustments to reduce "pass-bys" on routes serving UCSC via Laurel, Mission and Bay Streets. 

To help distribute SCMTD transit capacity to riders boarding along the Laurel, Mission and Bay corridors during the busiest morning transit commute times, the weekday 7:38am Route 15 bus now starts service at Laurel and Blackburn (as of October 6), rather than at the Metro Center. Similarly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, the 9:30am Route 15 and the 9:35am Route 16 start service at Laurel and Blackburn. 

Due to mechanical problems last week, Metro had to use several Highway 17 buses on UCSC routes. These commuter buses have significantly less standing room than the buses with perimeter seating normally used for campus service; unfortunately this reduced the capacity of the system, resulting in many people being passed by at Metro stops. The regular buses are now back in operation, increasing capacity and reducing pass-bys.

TAPS will continue to monitor SCMTD service during peak travel times, and work with Metro staff to pursue additional service improvements where possible. Please feel free to send comments or feedback to for inclusion in those efforts.