Banana Slugs aren't just in Santa Cruz

I often hear from alums how much they miss UC Santa Cruz—the rolling hills and redwoods of the campus, the ocean mist, the stimulation of a challenging course or exacting professor, the conviviality of living with other bright and curious students in an intellectual environment.

Well, we can't bring you the redwoods or the ocean ... but we might be able to help with a few of the other things you miss about UCSC.

Our regional program offers a way to meet up with new and old UCSC friends and reconnect with the campus—near where you live.

There are UCSC events in California, the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and other locations. They are organized by the UCSC University Relations office or by alumni volunteers.

Recent events have included an LA summer soiree, a Boston clambake, schmoozing with politicos in Sacramento, and meetups in Washington, D.C., and Hawaii.

Ocean sciences professor Gary Griggs gave a talk in Boulder, San Francisco alumni attended panels on politics and climate change, and young Silicon Valley alumni career-networked at Google with alumni mentors from Pixar and Adobe, along with other successful entrepreneurs.

If there isn't a group in your area, you can create one and volunteer to put on events.

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We look forward to catching up with you, wherever you've roamed.

For more information, contact Allison Garcia at or (831) 459-1909.

This message appears in the fall 2011 issue of Review magazine.