UCSC in the News

The August 29 issue of the New Yorker magazine featured an extensive article about UCSC’s Dickens Project, titled Dickens in Eden: Summer Vacation with ‘Great Expectations.” The London Daily Mail also reported on the appearance of actress Miriam Margolyes at UCSC’s Dickens Universe this summer.

The New York Times ran a feature story about biologist Terrie Williams's research on "smart collars" for tracking mountain lions, which involved recording metabolic data from captive mountain lions trained to walk on a treadmill. Follow-up stories appeared on UPI, Gizmodo, and Mobiledia.

A computer simulation of the formation of the Milky Way galaxy led by astrophysicists Javiera Guedes and Piero Madau was covered by Science Now, New Scientist, MSNBC, Gizmodo, PhysOrg, Planetary Radio, KurzweilAI, Business Insider, Daily Galaxy, io9, Discover magazine blog, Indian Express, HPCWire, and TG Daily.

Environmental toxicologist Russell Flegal was quoted in a story in the Economist magazine about lead pollution in Mexico.

Astrophysicist Stan Woosley was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about a newly discovered supernova.

Biomolecular engineer Ed Green was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about Neanderthal DNA in modern humans.

The Los Angeles Times wrote about alumnus Kelvin Filer, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge.

The Bay Area News Group quoted Robert Shepherd, senior lecturer in accounting, in an articleon duplicate pension plans for top Alameda County administrators. The article was printed in the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, and San Jose Mercury News among others.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote about a group of Japanese agriculture students who visited UCSC's Sustainable Living Center for a week-long seminar on agroecology given with Life Lab.

The Sentinel also wrote about the Arboretum's Eucalyptus collection and an upcoming tour of the grove.

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