TEST ONLY - Cruzalert Emergency Notification - TEST ONLY

From: UCSC CruzAlert

This is a TEST of the UCSC CruzAlert emergency notification system. THIS IS ONLY A TEST. During an actual emergency, this system will be used to provide immediate notification to students, faculty and staff on the nature of the emergency, what action to take and where to go for more information.

Please note that this test is being conducted using e-mail and cell phone text messages only. It will also be posted on the CruzAlert social media sites. We are not making any voice calls during this specific test. During an actual emergency, different methods may be used in addition to e-mail and text messaging depending on the specific situation. However, e-mails and text messages are our primary methods for communicating with you during an emergency as these are the fastest method of disseminating information to the largest number of people.

If you did not receive a text message and believe you should have, please first verify that you have registered your cell phone with the system by going to http://cruzalert.ucsc.edu and following the login instructions for either students or faculty/staff. If your cell phone is registered properly and you did not receive a text message, please e-mail alert@ucsc.edu.