Recent retirements, September 2009 - March 2011

The following staff and faculty members retired during the period of September 2009 through March 2011. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year).* Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Judith Aissen, professor of humanities, 25 years
Michael Aluffi, chief of police, 11 years
Antonio Aquino, food service worker, 7 years

David Banghart, computer resource specialist II, 6 years
Douglas Barili, senior custodian, 6 years
Robert Bartee, counseling psychologist II, 15 years
Sigrid Belcher, assistant, 10 years
Patricia Blue, assistant III, 37 years
Julianne Burton-Carvajal, professor of humanities, 29 years
John Borrego, professor of social sciences, 35 years
Bruce Bridgeman, professor of social science, 36 years
Pamela Buecher, senior parking representative, 11 years
Edmund Burke, professor of humanities, 39 years

Maria Cabrera-Perez, senior food service Worker, 7 years
Kala Campton, MSO I supervisor, 18 years
Virgina Carrillo-Urrutia, Student Affairs officer II, 25 years
Marcus Cato , director, 22 years
Bret Caton, principal architect, 23 years
Kevin Cashen, senior producer-director, 29 years
Martin Chemers, professor of social science; faculty assistant to the vice chancellor; former acting chancellor, 15 years
Sandra Clark, program promotion manager I, 25 years
William Clark, director, 13 years
James Clifford, professor of humanities, 29 years
Jennifer Clinton, administrative analyst supervisor, 16 years
Susan Coale, specialist, physical and biological sciences, 9 years
Helen Cole, senior artist, 16 years
Margaret Collins, MSO II supervisor, 23 years
Michael Cowan, professor of humanities, 40 years

Alison Dearatanha, assistant II, 14 years
Nancy Degnan, principal administrative analyst II, 29 years
Guillermo Delgado-P, social sciences lecturer--continuing, 21 years
Mary Ann Dewey, principal editor, 14 years
Darylin Druhe, assistant III, 22 years
Leslie Dumller, assistant II, 21 years
Georgia Dunwoody, assistant II, 10 years

Luis Eusse, food service worker, 7 years

Robert M. Forsythe, manager, 19 years
Carol Freeman, humanities lecturer with SOE, 34 years
Annette Fromwiller, programmer analyst III, 14 years
Karen Fry, MSO II--supervisor, 29 years

Laura Lee Gagnon, assistant III supervisor, 16 years
Margaret Gibson, professor of social science, 20 years
James Gill, professor of physical and biological sciences, 37 years
Wendy Gittings, lead food service worker, 14 years
Per Gjerde, professor of social science, 27 years
Stephen Gliessman, professor of social science, 29 years
Gillian Greensite, SAO II, 25 years
Louisa Gutierrez, assistant III, 40 years

John Richard Hammond, programmer analyst IV--supervisor, 9 years
Donna Haraway, professor of humanities, 26 years
Judith Harris-Frisk, humanities lecturer, 19 years
Shari Hastings, assistant dean, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 29 years
Karen Heere , programmer analyst V, 12 years
Margo Hendricks, professor of humanities, 15 years
Lawrence H. Hogle, associate director, 6 years
Tanya Honig, supervisor, 26 years
Stephen Howells, assistant II, 6 years
David Hoy, professor of humanities, 27 years
William Hyder, computer resource manager III, 29 years

Diana (Myriah) Jasper, assistant III, 11 years
Susan Jessen, administrative specialist, 23 years
Russell Johnson, programmer/analyst III, supervisor, 14 years
Susanne L. Jonas, social sciences continuing lecturer, 23 years
Susan Jones, auto equipment operator, 17 years

Margaret Kelly, principal Admin Analyst II, 7 years
Peter Kenez, professor of humanities, 42 years
David Kliger, professor of physical and biological science/executive vice chancellor, 39 years
Jane Kling, manager, 31 years

Lee Laiterman, senior development engineer, UCO Lick, 10 years
Pamela Lawson, supervisor, 33 years
James Leap, superintendent/agriculture, principal, 20 years
Jerry Lee, senior counseling psychologist, 26 years
S. Jacqulene Leighton, administrative analyst supervisor, UCO Lick, 20 years
Christopher Le Maistre, deputy director CfAO, 10 years
Elizabeth Sandoval Lewis, assistant director, 20 years
Daniel Linger, professor of social science, 21 years
Yolanda Lopez, senior custodian, 21 years
Charles Lord, professor of arts, 23 years
Ines Luis, senior custodian, 5 years

Nathaniel Mackey, professor of humanities, 31 years
Pascale Mackey, professor of humanities, 24 years
Carol Maler, assistant, 25 years
Janet Mastropietro, library assistant III, 23 years
Mark McDonald, police officer, 8 years
Mary McKinnon, SAO IV supervisor, 28 years
Willeen McQuitta, associate vice chancellor, 38 years
Zachery McQuitta, senior custodian, 24 years
Warren Mikawa, computer resource manager II, 22 years
John Mock, lecturer of humanities, 8 years
Wendelin Montciel, program representative III, 19 years
Carol Moran , director, 15 years
Cecile Morris, manager, 10 years

Jane Niswonger, budget analyst, 5 years
Beverly Norleen, administrative analyst, 22 years

Robert Oberg, programmer analyst IV, 36 years
Brian O'Connor, MSO I, supervisor, 29 years
Nannette O'Connor, SAO IV, supervisor, 18 years

Suzanne Purcell, manager, 21 years

James Rambo, assistant III, 13 years
Frank (Paco) Ramirez, humanities lecturer--continuing, 37 years
Gabriel Ramirez. food service worker, 6 years
Ronaldo Ramirez, assistant manager, 24 years
Gregory Rau, research, Physical and Biological Sciences, 15 years
Dean Raven, manager, 32 years
Julie Reiner, assistant III, 24 years
Lisa Rose, director, 17 years
Heidi Renteria, senior administrative analyst, 17 years
Karen Rosewood, SAO IV-supervisor, 18 years
Ted Ruiz, senior auto equipment operator, 12 years
Joyce Ryan, supervisor, 15 years

Terry Schalk, adjunct professor, physical and biological sciences/Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, 36 years
Darrell Severinsen, superintendent, mechanical shop, UCO Lick, 26 years
Sheryl Severinsen, assistant II, UCO Lick, 8 years
Buchanan Sharp, professor of humanities, 23 years
Carolyn Martin Shaw, professor of social science, 38 years
Catherine Shender, assistant II, 8 years
Sheryl Sobin, nurse practitioner III, 15 years
Jose Avalos Sosa, food service worker, 5 years
Catherine Soussloff, professor of arts, 19 years
Mary Spafford, SAO I, 17 years
Randall Stahlberg, assistant engineer, 17 years
Richard Stover, research astronomer, UCO Lick, 29 years
Linda Sturm, administrative specialist, 18 years
Ellen Suckiel, professor of humanities, 37 years

S. Bruce Tanner, specialist, Physical and Biological Sciences Division,19 years
Kenneth Taul, technician, automotive lead, 27 years
SusanTaylor , administrative analyst, 33 years
Edward Titus, programmer/analyst IV--supervisor, 11 years
Sergei Trakhanov, associate researcher, Physical and Biological Sciences Division, 7 years
Mark Trammell, computer resource specialist II, 9 years
Martha Truhitte, SAO III, 10 years

David Wellman, professor of social science, 29 years
Larry Wendell, mechanic, Physical Plant, 16 years
Sara Wilbourne, assistant III, 11 years
George Williams, mechanic, physical plant, supervisor, 24 years
Daphne Winkler, administrative specialist, 28 years
Linda Wolfe , assistant, 10 years
Marilyn Wood, principal budget analyst, supervisor, 27 years
Laurel Woodside, MSO I supervisor, 33 years
Donald Wright, senior custodian, UCO Lick, 21 years
Rita Wright, assistant III, 22 years

Mindy Yaninek, assistant II, 18 years
Abby Young, SAO I, 6 years
Daniel Young, Physical Plant mechanic, 20 years

Francis (Frank) Zwart, associate vice chancellor, 25 years

* Retirement information provided by the UCSC Benefits Office.

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