Outstanding TAs for 2010-11 named

The Graduate Division has announced the recipients of UCSC's 2010-11 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

The selection of the following graduate students attests to the high regard the faculty and students have for their work as a teaching assistant. The award includes a $200 gift certificate from the Bay Tree Bookstore, in recognition of their outstanding performance as TAs across campus. This year's outstanding teaching assistants are:

Aaron Meininger (Economics)
Amy Concilio (ENVS) 
Andrea Bangert (Physics) 
Cass Sterling (Psychology) 
Daniel Hiranandani (CE) 
Dondra Biller (OS) 
Eric Matlin (EE) 
Giacomo Fiore (Music) 
Jasmine Syedullah (Politics) 
Jerome Fang (Astronomy) 
John Archie (BE/BI) 
Kate Trumbull (CS/SDP) 
Kelly Peach (Chemistry) 
Kevin Cody (Sociology) 
Lisa Collison (METX) 
Logan Walker (F&DM) 
Lucas McGranahan (Philosophy) 
Matthew Krauel (Mathematics) 
Matthew Tucker (Linguistics) 
Michael Ursell (Literature) 
Mitchell Mulks (EEB) 
Prabath Gunawardane Heeralu Pathirannahalage Don (CMPS) 
Sam Johnstone (EPS) 
Sobia Saleem (HAVC) 
Trevor Sangrey (HisCon) 
Troy Crowder (History) 
Valerie Poynor (AMS) 
Yunnie Tsao Snyder (Education)