A successful Dispo Day on campus

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Eloise Cameron - Director, UCSC RIMS

Held on Earth Day, nearly 25 large bins were distributed across the campus to over 15 units.  Fifteen additional units participated by bringing in truckloads of documents.  All of these materials were shredded and recycled and the total shred amount for Dispo Day came to 1,150 pounds.
The Prize winners who came closest (without going over) to guessing how much
we shredded are:                  
Jose Medrano
Randa Roland
Alissa Magorian
Congratulations on your astute guessing!
Hopefully we left participating units feeling a bit ‘lighter’ and more informed
on Records Information Management principles.
We would like to give a special thank you to Larry Gurley – Owner of Santa
Cruz Records Management for his commitment to providing quality services
to many units across the campus and to Dave Wade – UCSC’s Recycling
Coordinator for helping us find a location for the event.
Contributions by the following people also helped make this day a success –
a warm Thank You.
Julie Goldstein – IT Service Manager
Kathryn Caruso – FAST Purchasing Specialist
Erick Scarr – Assistant Logistics Coordinator for Santa Cruz Records Management
Mike Steele – FAST E-Procurement Manager
Janine Roeth – Director IT Client Services / Security
Ellen Ziff – Assistant to the AVC of Student Affairs
TAPS Event Parking Staff for the excellent signs
Thanks also to all the Physical Plant Staff at and around the Service Yard for allowing us to share your space.