June 3 Forum on Demonstration Response

To: UCSC Students

From: Allison Galloway, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor; Helen Shapiro Provost, Colleges Nine and Ten

On Friday June 3, starting at 5:30 pm, a forum will be held at the Porter College Fireside Lounge (http://maps.ucsc.edu/wvportercollege3a.html) to give the Demonstration Advisory Group (DAG) an opportunity to hear from students about their experiences during  demonstrations on the UCSC campus.  DAG members want to receive information directly from students about past campus protests – what they saw, what they experienced, any consequences to them because of  their involvement in the event, etc.  We are not interested in knowing what individual students did, and we will ask that no students be identified by name.  We are interested in what students experienced in their interactions with campus officials.

DAG would like to have this information because we're reviewing campus policies and procedures, in part because we see problems with them.  We want to be sure we hear from students about their concerns and receive their recommendations for how to revise current practices.

Attendance at the forum will be limited to students and members of the DAG only, in the hopes that people may speak frankly without concern about repercussions.  Further, EVC Galloway ensures that neither any  information you give at the meeting, nor your presence at it, will be given by any member of DAG to anyone in Student Affairs or the campus police, nor will would it ever be allowable in any judicial affairs procedure.

DAG is co-chaired by Alison Galloway (Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor) and Helen Shapiro (Provost of Colleges Nine and Ten).  Information about DAG, a full list of members, and their contact information can be found at http://news.ucsc.edu/2011/04/dag.html.

We realize that the timing is not ideal by any means.  This forum will not be the last  formal opportunity that students have to give input to DAG, but it will  be the only formal opportunity this school year.