Alums play hard, work toward "Ultimate Peace"

April Fools Ultimate Frisbee Tournament this weekend

The Matza Balls team
The Matza Balls. UCSC alumni on the team include Jacob "Trigger" Sider (back row third from right); Craig "Craiger" Drizin (back row second from right); Dennis Karlinsky (middle row, saluting); Danny Karlinsky (front row middle right).
The Annual April Fools Ultimate Frisbee Tournament will be Saturday and Sunday, April 9 and 10, on the Upper and Lower East Fields, hosted by the UCSC ultimate frisbee team.

This tournament is one of the mainstays on the ultimate club circuit, though it stands apart with its tradition of "themed teams," such as the Matza Balls.

Slug ultimate players and alumni brothers Danny and Dennis Karlinsky (Danny: modern literature and legal studies '08; Dennis: business econ '95), went to Israel in 2005 on the pilot program trip, playing with the Matza Balls. The trip helped inspire the inception of Ultimate Peace, a nonprofit committed to building bridges of friendship and understanding for youth from different social and cultural backgrounds around the world.

Danny Karlinsky been involved as a coach and a consultant for Ultimate Peace since its founding in 2009.

They are currently preparing for Ultimate Peace Summer Camp this July in Acco, Israel, to bring together youth from Israel and Palestine.