UC System-Wide Committees

To: All Students

From: Student Affairs on behalf of The Student Union Assembly (SUA)

As most of you are aware, the UC is facing a myriad of budgetary challenges that have resulted in the

reduction of the quality and accessibility of your education. Through the University of California Student Association, you have the opportunity, as a student, to take a larger role in the decisions being made at the UC Office of the President by serving as a student representative on several critically important committees.  Student representation is extremely necessary, especially now that we contribute more to fund our education in fees than the state does in funding.

Apply to be a 2011-12 student representative for any of the UC System-Wide Committees by clicking on the following link: http://ucsa.org/section/view/systemwide_committees

The deadline for application is Friday, April 29^th , 2011 at 5:00 pm.

Here are a list of the committees to which you can apply (descriptions can be found by clicking the application link):

Academic Planning Council (APC)

Privacy and Security Steering Committee

University Committee on Academic Freedom (UCAF)

University Committee on Affirmative Action & Diversity (UCAAD)

Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS)

Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA)

University Committee on Educational Policy (UCEP)

University Committee on Computing and Communications (UCCC)

University Committee on International Education (UCIE)

University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC)

University Committee on Planning and Budget (UCPB)

University Committee on Preparatory Education (UCOPE)

University Committee on Research and Policy (UCORP)

Student Mental Health Oversight Committee (SMHOC)

Education Finance Model (EFM)

UC Undergraduate Student Experience Survey (UCUES)

UC Undergraduate Student Experience Survey (UCUES)

UC Sustainability Steering Committee (UCSSC)


Student Health Insurance Program Workgroup (SHIP)

UC Code of Conduct for Trademark Licenses Committee

Intersegmental Coordinating Committee (ICC)

We look forward to seeing many UCSC applicants when the UCSA Board of Director reviews the applications in May!