Diversity and Community Building Study begins next week

To: UCSC Community

From: Ashish Sahni, Assistant Chancellor/Chief of Staff/Campus Diversity Officer for Staff and Students

UCSC’s Diversity and Community Building Study begins next week. This study is sponsored by Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion, the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Institutional Research and Policy Studies. It will start with two online surveys of the entire student body, with one focusing on undergraduate students and the other on graduate students. There will also be questions on campus-wide climate for diversity and inclusion. Faculty and staff surveys will take place in fall 2011.
SPEAK YOUR MIND & WIN AN iPAD! Students who complete the survey will have several opportunities to win a prize. During the month of May, we will have a daily random drawing for a $50 gift card to the Bay Tree Bookstore. At the end of the survey we will have a random drawing for two iPads – our Grand Prizes. Also, the college with the highest response rate will receive an award of $300 to support its own programs.

The study’s main goals are to evaluate the university’s existing culture and institutional support of all members of our campus community, and to provide valuable information for improvement of everyday practices, policy decisions and other community-building efforts.
The undergraduate student survey is part of a new national study conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA and involves five other UC campuses. This survey focuses on students’ academic and social experiences in a diverse learning environment.

The graduate student survey is part of an ongoing effort to evaluate and improve graduate programs and services.. The Division of Graduate Studies, with the assistance of Institutional Research, has conducted this survey since 2007.

I ask every student to look for an email invitation and complete the survey. I also ask all members of administration, faculty and staff to support this study by encouraging student participation. If you have questions or comments regarding this study, you can email me at diversity@ucsc.edu.
Thank you for your support!