Disposition Day - April 22, 2011

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Eloise Cameron - Director, UCSC RIMS

I’m writing to familiarize you with recent departmental changes and a new outreach program designed to enhance your information management efforts. Firstly, Information Asset Management is now Records & Information Management Services (RIMS).  RIMS assists the campus with policies, best practices and consulting services to ensure compliance, ready access, safekeeping and timely disposition of campus records and information. 
I am very pleased to announce the first campus-wide RIMS outreach project -- Disposition Day (Dispo Day) to be held on April 22.  Dispo Day is the first in a series of events designed to raise awareness and promote records and information compliance.  Dispo Day is designed for those units who don’t have a regular document disposition process in place.  If this is you, please feel free to bring your documents that have met their retention period for disposal. 
Santa Cruz Records Management is willing to distribute collection bins for shredding a week before Dispo Day for your convenience.  If you don’t already have a disposition/shredding service, please contact Emma Estrada (9-1939) for further information on this or any other question you may have about Dispo Day.
You’ll find a guide to managing email and Dispo Day flyers on the RIMS website (http://iam.ucsc.edu/).
I’m available to discuss software solutions and any other records and information management issues at any time and am looking forward to working with you and your staff to ensure a successful Dispo Day.