National College Health Assessment Web Survey

To: All Students

From: Meg Kobe, SHOP Director and Senior Health Educator

In an effort to improve health-related programs, services and support for UCSC students, Student Health Outreach & Promotion (SHOP) and the Student Health Center will administer the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) web survey. If you are randomly selected, please consider participating in this important health survey. Your responses will be instrumental in helping define and understand health behaviors at UCSC and will be used to develop new programs and services.

All survey answers are completely confidential and contain no identifiers - the data set that is forwarded to UCSC will not include personal identification such as e-mail addresses or ID numbers.

The survey will be open from Monday, February 21st until Friday, March 11th.  The invitation email subject line will state: "SHOP Student Health Survey"

If you have any questions about the National College Health Assessment please contact:  Meg Kobe at 831.459.3772 or  Thank you for your time.