Demonstration Advisory Group

To: All represented and non-represented staff

From: Alison Galloway Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

I write to inform you of the formation of the campus Demonstration Advisory Group (DAG), and to invite you to apply to serve as a staff representative on DAG.  I will co‑chair the group, along with another faculty member, and our goal will be to provide recommendations about the campus response to demonstrations, including issues such as:

  • Establishing and maintaining communication between the different groups involved in a demonstration;
  • The responsibilities of observers from Labor Relations, Student Affairs, and faculty during a demonstration;
  • The responsibilities of people participating in the demonstration;
  • The presence and involvement of public safety officers;
  • The use of photography and video; and
  • The consequences when campus policy or other regulations are violated during a demonstration.

Once established, DAG will include a cross-section of the campus community including faculty, students, and staff.  Union-represented and non-represented employees will be selected in two ways:  1) the Staff Advisory Board and University Labor United recommended one staff representative each; and 2) two staff members, one union‑represented and one non-represented, will be selected from the general campus population through an application form.  Staff who wish to apply must submit a statement of interest by midnight February 10, using the on-line form.  Applicants are asked to provide general information and answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to serve on this committee?
  • What experience or perspective would you bring to this committee?

The Chancellor and I anticipate that the group will meet as often as needed during this academic year in order to provide us with a set of recommendations by the end of June 2011.  I look forward to reviewing the applications from those of you interested in serving on this vital committee.