FYI only: UC Santa Cruz Student Philanthropy Program

The student philanthropy program launched in January of 2009. This program is designed to educate and inspire students to uphold campus pride and strong affinity to UCSC so that they want to stay connected and give back after they graduate. The three main components of this program are building UCSC pride, educating students about the importance of philanthropy, creating opportunities for gratitude and for students to fundraise for different funds on campus back. Connected through. Currently have two student groups to drive the goals of this program.

Slug to Slug is a student run organization that is targeted to incoming students (Freshmen and Sophomores). The goal of Slug to Slug is to foster a culture of student philanthropy, educate the current student body on the importance of giving back to the University and instilling a sense of “slug pride” so students feel a lifelong connection to the University. Slug to Slug organizes philanthropy education opportunities including tabling in Quarry Plaza for “Philanthropy Phridays”, organizing philanthropy education lunches with key student leaders and meeting with student groups on campus to talk to them about the impact of philanthropy to a students education. They organize career events with alumni encouraging student to alumni mentoring and they fundraise for different causes on campus such as the High Five for Sammy Campaign raising funds for a new mascot costume, the UCSC Fund, the Student Affairs Emergency Fund and Undergraduate Scholarships. During Welcome Week, Slug to Slug organized a welcome back dance and benefit to instill a sense of slug pride. This event had 1,400 students in attendance raising over $500 for the UCSC Undergraduate Scholarship Fund.

The 2011 Class Council is a group of graduating seniors focused on building class unity, slug pride and raising funds for the Senior Legacy Scholarship Fund. The student strive to make the UCSC Banana Slug a way of life through spirit, legacy, unity and giving. The 2010 Class Council started the Senior Legacy Scholarship Fund. This is the first student initiated, student funded and student run scholarship. The Class Council of 2011 is not only continuing to raise money for this fund but also distributing scholarships based on students commitment to spirit, legacy, unity and giving (coincidentally, “SLUG”). The Class Council not only runs the Senior Legacy campaign, but they also organize successful events for the Class of 2011 building class unity and slug pride. During Welcome Week, they held a beach barbecue, in October they hosted a pumpkin carving night for Seniors and in December they enjoyed each others company during a Woodstock’s Pizza night.  

Slug to Slug and the Class Council have joined together to mount a Slug Pride week for students including a UCSC History Scavenger Hunt campus, a Zero Reunion Party for the Senior Class and a aerial photo of students spelling out UCSC.