Threatening graffiti: FAQ

Can you provide us with additional information about campus plans for that day?

The campus will be open on Tuesday, January 18. Classes, unless rescheduled or relocated by instructors, are occurring. Per their regular schedule, we expect that most offices will be open.

Can you provide us with additional information about security or police plans for that day?

UCSC police frequently train and prepare for a variety of emergency situations on campus. Without providing detail that could impact safety, police are making plans to increase security that day.

What resources and training are available for staff and students related to safety?

Many resources are available. These include:

• The campus's Safety Campaign web site
• The campus's Emergency Preparedness web site
• Emergency Survival Guide poster (English)
• Emergency Survival Guide poster (Spanish)
• Violence in the Workplace web site
• Responding-to-violence training by police

If I am an instructor scheduled to teach that day, can I relocate or reschedule my class or classes?

Per campus practice, faculty and other instructors who wish to relocate or reschedule a class should discuss the matter with the head of the course-sponsoring unit (typically the department chair). Also, per campus practice, teaching assistants who wish to relocate or reschedule lab or discussion sections should discuss the matter with their supervising faculty.

If I am a student, whom do I speak to if I want to know if my classes that day have been relocated or rescheduled?

As per campus practice, students should contact the instructor to inquire about any changes in scheduled time and location of classes.

If I am a student and unable to attend one or more classes that day, who should I discuss this with?

Students are responsible for completing all coursework and fulfilling all course requirements. Per campus practice, students who know they will be unable to attend a particular class should contact the instructor of the class.

If an employee is concerned about coming to work that day, with whom should he or she discuss that concern?

Per campus practice, employees should discuss any concerns, including planned absences, with their supervisors. Supervisors should consider the basis for the request, the operational needs of the employee's unit, and divisional policies when making a judgment about approving sick leave, vacation leave, use of compensatory time, or leave without pay. Depending on operational need, the supervisor may also be able to accommodate an employee who requests permission to conduct his or her work in an alternative site.

If I am a student, what resources are available to me if I am experiencing stress or need support?

The many support services available to students are described on the Student Affairs See Something, Say Something, Do Something safety campaign web site. They include Counseling & Psychological Services.

If I am an employee, what similar resources are available to me?

Staff Human Resources oversees the campus's Employee Assistance Program, which offers confidential, no-cost assistance with a variety of personal or workplace concerns, ranging from stress and depression, to coping with grief and loss. This program is available for both staff and academic employees.

If I'm a member of the campus community, how can I stay informed?

Information about this threatening graffiti is available via a link on the UCSC home page. This special web page will continue to be updated with related information. This incident also serves as a reminder about the importance of individuals ensuring that their contact information is complete and current in the campus's CruzAlert emergency communication system. Please take a minute to verify your information.

Thank you very much.