Training sessions provide info on responding to violence

Unable to make one of these sessions?

Just take some time and watch this video, providing important strategies for responding to violent and threatening situations.

UCSC Police are providing training this week that describes best practices for responding to violence.

The drop-in presentations are designed to provide participants with techniques for responding to and keeping safe in violent and threatening situations.  The presentations include a video and practical strategies for keeping safe; the sessions also provide time for questions and answers.

This session emphasizes awareness and preparedness: two critical skills in responding to threatening situations.

The presentations — approximately an hour in length — have been scheduled for employees and students.

Sessions will be offered as follows:

Employee Sessions

January 13
9 a.m.
Namaste Lounge, Colleges Nine and Ten

January 13
Namaste Lounge, Colleges Nine and Ten

Student Session

January 13
6 p.m.
Namaste Lounge, Colleges Nine and Ten

These trainings are being offered by UCSC Police. Questions may be referred to Sergeant Mark Larson.