In Memoriam: Wayne Brumbach

Wayne B. Brumbach, longtime director of UCSC's Office of Physical Education Recreation and Sports (OPERS) passed away this month at the age of 92.

Please see his newspaper obituary.

The following remembrance was submitted by Nick Royal, Merrill College fellow:

"Wayne came to UCSC in 1969, the same year I did, and the second year of UCSC’s fourth new college, Merrill. He was hired to be the head of the physical education & recreation programs at UCSC, and Merrill’s founding Provost, Phillip Bell, felt he would be a resource for our new college, and so made him a Fellow of the College.

"He had a noon time exercise class for faculty and staff, which was really popular—so much so, that students often took part in it.  He was hired at the University to further a sports program that would involve as many students and staff as possible, in recreational and intramural activities, rather than sports programs focused mainly on big team sports, such as football.  Wayne felt this would lead to more life-time involvement in physical activity for more people. The noon time exercise class was a highlight for me."