UCSC in the News

Astronomer Steve Vogt's discovery of a potentially habitable planet was featured in Parade magazine's list of "2010's Most Amazing Discoveries," and was one of two UCSC achievements in a National Geographic News feature on the "Best Space Discoveries of 2010" (the other was astronomer Garth Illingworth's Hubble images of the earliest galaxies yet detected).

Astronomer Eliza Kempton was quoted in an AP story about red dwarf stars that ran in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, and Wall Street Journal.

Stories about a hidden ecosystem discovered beneath the seafloor by ocean scientist Matt McCarthy appeared on MSNBC.com, PhysOrg.com, Our Amazing Planet, Global Adventure, Treehugger, OneIndia, and Asian News International.

The Sacramento Bee picked up a Sentinel story about biomolecular engineer David Haussler's work on the Genome 10K Project.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about physicist Abe Seiden's work on an upgrade for the Large Hadron Collider.

Research by electrical engineer John Vesecky on the potential use of radar guns to detect suicide bombers was covered by UPI, Engadget, and Asian News International.

A study of gravitational wave sources by astronomer Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and undergraduate Luke Kelley was covered by Astronomy Now, Space Daily, OneIndia, and Asian News International.

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