Cruzfit wellness program kicks off Team Challenge

UCSC Wellness is making it harder for staff and faculty members to break their New Year's resolutions.

January 10th marks the beginning of the CruzFit Team Challenge, in which two, three or four people can team up together, log up their exercise minutes, have fun, stay fit, and get a prize.

It’s very simple; the teams band up to undertake the wellness and physical activities of their choice—anytime and anywhere—and log their sessions over the course of the eight weeks.  After all team members complete 1,500 minutes of exercise, they receive a CruzFit t-shirt and an entry into the grand prize drawing. This year’s prizes include grocery store gift cards, movie tickets, workout gear, and other great healthy rewards.

The goal of the free wellness program, which runs through March 4, is to encourage all members of the UCSC community to be physically active and learn more about improving their personal wellness.

 For information and to sign up, visit