UCSC grad is looking for love in Beijing

Her web series "Sexy Beijing" has attracted a loyal following inside and outside of China

Anna Sophie Loewenberg, known as "Su Fei," by thousands of Internet fans, videotapes a segment of her online show, "Sexy Beijing." (Photograph by LiPo Ching/San Jose Mercury News)

Armed with a video camera, Kresge College alumna Anna Sophie Loewenberg is looking for love on the streets of Beijing, and looking, and looking.

As the San Jose Mercury News reports, Loewenberg's four-year web video series "Sexy Beijing'' has captivated the Chinese capital despite sometimes being hard to get.

The show has been difficult to find in Beijing since Chinese authorities blocked YouTube last year, the paper reports. Loewenberg estimates two-thirds of her audience is now outside the country. Known in China as "Su Fei," Loewenberg has attracted widespread attention including a feature on NBC's Today Show during the 2008 Olympics.

Loewenberg, a 1996 graduate in modern literary studies, started the show four years ago with two partners; one, Luke Mines, is also a UCSC grad (Porter College, history.)

The Mercury News article includes a video of Loewenberg as she meets and videotapes people on the street.