Habitable planet discovery attracts out-of-this-world news coverage

The announcement that UC Santa Cruz astronomer Steven Vogt and a team of scientists have discovered a planet with the potential to support life captured international news attention and sparked the imaginations of millions. Here is a selection of some of the most notable coverage. Nearly 1,000 news outlets reported the findings within the first 24 hours.

New York Times New Planet May Be Able to Nurture Organisms

Washington Post Astronomers find first habitable planet outside solar system

Scientific American Planet Hunters Discover a World That Could Harbor Life

Time magazine online Found: An Earthlike Planet at Last

BBC A distant Earth-like exoplanet 'could have life'

Associated Press Could 'Goldilocks' planet be just right for life?

NPR All Things Considered Godilocks’ Planet’s Temperature Just Right for Life

USA Today Astronomers find new planet that could support life

USA Today Goldilocks planet Gliese 581g reaction round-up

CNN Earthlike planet found

National Geographic First Truly Habitable Planet Discovered, Experts Say

National Science Foundation Newly Discovered Planet May Be First Truly Habitable Exoplanet

Los Angeles Times Newly discovered planet may be most Earth-like ever, astronomer says

San Jose Mercury News 'Goldilocks' planet may be just right for life

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey Herald, Contra Costa Times UC Santa Cruz scientists help identify planet in perfect position to foster life

Space.com Major Discovery: New Planet Could Harbor Water and Life

Guardian (UK) New Earth-like planet discovered

Astronomy Now (UK) Goldilocks exoworld discovered

Mirror (UK) Astronomers find another Earth… just 20 light years away

Montreal Gazette ‘Habitable’ planet found outside solar system

Al Jazeera English Newly discovered planet 'habitable'

Iranian.com A distant Earth-like exoplanet 'could have life'