"Science Notes 2010" now available online

Growing brain cells in a lab dish to study autism. Questioning the accuracy of fingerprint forensics. Filming Antarctic seals hunting under the ice in winter's darkness. These stories and more appear in Science Notes 2010, the annual magazine published by UCSC's Science Communication Program.

Other stories in this issue include a project to sequence the genomes of 10,000 animals, a restoration of San Francisco Bay marshlands that may release century-old toxic mercury, and the heated clash over aerial spraying of an invasive moth in central California.

In addition to in-depth articles, readers will find podcasts and videos by the authors, as well as original artwork by students in the Science Illustration Program, now based at CSU Monterey Bay.

Several of the stories feature UCSC researchers, including biologist Terrie Williams, environmental toxicologist Russell Flegal, biomolecular engineer David Haussler, astronomer Claire Max, developmental biologist William Sullivan, and electrical engineer Joel Kubby.