West Entrance Signal Project

You may have noticed or heard that a traffic signal is in the process of being installed at the campus's West Entrance, at the intersection of Empire Grade and Heller Drive. We expect it will be operational shortly before the beginning of fall Quarter, and we will update you again prior to that date.

This project is being funded from a $360,000 Highway Safety Improvement Program grant from the California Department of Transportation. It has long been an element of long-term campus facility plans. The campus has worked cooperatively with Santa Cruz County Public Works to ensure compliance with local safety and engineering standards and procedures.

Installation of underground elements has been ongoing since early summer; signal arms and poles were installed this past week.

The new signal light will help enhance the safety of drivers, bicyclists and others entering or exiting campus at, or passing by, that location. Thank you for paying extra attention to the safety of workers involved in the installation.