2010 UCUES survey continues: Prize winners and more

To: UCSC Undergraduates

From: Anna Sher, UCUES coordinator

On Friday, June 4, two Grand Prize winners were randomly selected among 4,000 UCSC students who had completed the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey since its beginning in April 2010. A brand new iPad was awarded to Elliott Perry from Oakes College. Kiersten Fields from College Ten received the latest model of Sony eReader.

Moreover, twenty randomly selected students were rewarded with a $50 store gift card for their participation in the UCUES thanks to the financial support of Ashish Sahni, Assistant Chancellor/Chief of Staff and Campus Diversity Officer for Staff and Students. The gift card winners included Sam Rosen, Christina Kharbertyan and Danielle Brainard (all three are Literature majors), Matthew Malouf and Ambrosia Shapiro (majoring in Politics), Ruben Chavez (Computer Engineering), Peter Maxfield (Electrical Engineering), David Hirayama (Cognitive Science), Bill Rice (Earth Sciences), Stephanie Diehl (Environmental Studies/Economics), Jacqueline Belton (Business Management), Juan Cochongo (Legal Studies), Massimo Soria (Global Economics), Atabak Afshar (Information Systems), as well as Staci Wigton and Alfredo Molina (Merrill), Jennifer Positeri (College Eight), Brenda Lawrence (Crown), and Alexander Osinski (Cowell).

Our campuswide response rate has reached 35 percent at the end of 6 weeks of the survey. We will continue the survey in June and July to reach our target response rate of 42 percent - the response rate we had in the previous, 2008 round of the UCUES.

Two more Grand Prizes - an iPad and a Sony eReader - and the $100 gift cards for the Bay Tree Bookstore will be given out at the end of the UCUES survey in mid-July.

For this survey to become a powerful representation of the diverse student experiences at UC Santa Cruz, we need to hear from everyone. If you have already taken the survey, we ask you to encourage your friends to take part in UCUES. If you haven't had the time to share your undergraduate experience, take the survey TODAY and you will be included in our next prize drawing! Click here to participate: ucues.ucsc.edu

About the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES):

This is an online survey that is regularly administered at all of the UC campuses and is one of the most important ways for students to inform faculty and the administration about their experience at UC Santa Cruz. The survey focuses on the quality of instruction, student academic and personal development, the quality of student services, and campus climate for diversity. The results from the 2010 UCUES will be used for program evaluation of majors as well as for an assessment of campus climate for diversity.

If you have any questions about the survey, contact me by email at asher@ucsc.edu or by phone at (831) 459-4302.