Meet the new trustees: SB Master

SB Master

The UC Santa Cruz Foundation is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation organized in 1974. Its purposes are to promote greater community understanding of UC Santa Cruz and to solicit gifts in support of academic programs, scholarships, and capital improvements.

Two new trustees recently joined the board. This month, we introduce SB Master; next month, you'll meet Gunjan Sinha.

SB, a triple-major honors graduate of Cowell College (music, economics, and the history of the book/typographic design), was the first UCSC student to earn a Harvard MBA. Her company, Master-McNeil, Inc., has been instrumental in establishing numerous companies and brands, the most famous of which is PayPal. SB's eldest son, Henry, graduated from Cowell with a double major this month.

We asked SB three questions.

Why did you want to be a trustee?

I was delighted to be asked. UCSC, and indeed the entire UC system, is under tremendous pressure, through no fault if its own, and needs all the help it can get.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I am interested in contributing to a clearer articulation of what is special about this wonderful place, and to supporting that specialness. I am also interested in reaching out to the thousand-or-so UCSC graduates who have made a serious commitment to UCSC by sending their own children here.

What is your vision for UC Santa Cruz?

I would like UCSC to be recognized and appreciated, nationwide and worldwide, for its truly unique mix of outstanding natural and architectural beauty; environmental awareness and activism; excellence in undergraduate education including the college system; and innovative and important graduate programs.