UCSC in the News

"Eco friendly" UC Santa Cruz was highlighted in U.S. News & World Report.

Film and Digital Media professor Shelley Stamp was quoted on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" program about the return of dozens of rare American silent films from New Zealand that had been lost for more than 80 years. NPR also presented an excerpt of literature professor Karen Tei Yamashita's new novel I Hotel.

Planetary scientist Erik Asphaug was interviewed on the BBC World Service radio program "Science in Action" about the Japanese Hayabusa probe, which was scheduled to return Sunday from its mission to an asteroid.

Research by economist Michael Dooley and two others at Deutsche Bank was referrenced in an Economist article on the flexibility of Asian currencies.

Shakespeare Santa Cruz's summer festival was noted in San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News articles about quality theater offerings this summer.

The Register in Mobile, Ala., wrote about economist Rob Fairlie's study on entrepreneurism in the United States. The study was funded by the Kaufmann Foundation.

Psychology professor Craig Haney's testimony at a parole board clemency hearing for condemned killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Op-ed pieces by sociology professor Hiroshi Fukurai were published in the Okinawan Times and Korean Herald. Writing in Japanese in the Okinawan Times, Fukurai examined the victimization of Okinawan residents at the hands of military personnel. In English in the Herald, he urged a modification of the Korean jury law that was put into effect in 2008 to eliminate the defendant's consent clause.

Literature professor Susan Gillman's assessment of books about Mark Twain made the cover of the Times Literary Supplement, UK, the weekly literary review published in London by News International.

The Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly both published advance stories and photos on the exhibition by Social Documentary program graduates of their theses that showed at the Del Mar Theater.

The Good Times also ran a cover story on alumna author/artist Belle Yang to celebrate the publication of her first graphic novel, Forget Sorrow.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a front-page story about the senior projects presented by students in the computer game design program, with quotes from students and computer science professor Michael Mateas.

Biologist Terrie Williams was quoted in a Sentinel article about the impacts on marine life of the Gulf oil spill.

Artdaily.org quoted Sesnon Gallery Director Shelby Graham for an article about "Some Assembly Required," an exhibition at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles that she originally curated in 2009 at the Sesnon Gallery.