Parking during year-end activities

To: UCSC Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

From: Larry Pageler, Transportation and Parking Services

This week many parking lots on campus will be posted with signs welcoming visitors to commencements and other year-end celebrations. On Friday alone, there are 17 scheduled events throughout the day, resulting in many more people parking on campus. Parking in the East Remote lot will be free on Friday to accommodate them. However, traffic on campus will be much heavier than normal. Please consider using alternative transportation to get to campus, or coordinating with your supervisor to work off-site or from home on that day.

If you routinely park on campus with a valid UCSC parking permit, you should be able to park in the lot you normally use on Friday. Be aware that the West Remote lot will be limited to A, B, or Commencement parking permits from 7:30am Friday through 10:00pm on Sunday. Display your permit as usual, and please don't park in spaces reserved for VIPs, "Special Pass" holders, or disabled visitors.

If you have questions about the restrictions in effect on a particular parking lot, please contact Deborah Bryant at the TAPS Event Parking office (459-1097).

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.