Update on Campus Sustainability Efforts, Release of the Draft Campus Sustainability Plan for Comment

To: UCSC Faculty, Academic Employees, Staff, and Students

From: Vice Chancellor Tom Vani, Business and Administrative Services

Draft Campus Sustainability Plan 1.0, Public Comment Period

The campus is pleased to announce the official release of the draft Campus Sustainability Plan 1.0 and the associated opening of a campus comment period through June 30, 2010. Comments or other questions regarding the Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP), which can be downloaded from the home page of the campus sustainability site at http://sustainability.ucsc.edu/, can be emailed to sustain@ucsc.edu.

Nine years ago, the UCSC Student Environmental Center hosted the first campus Earth Summit, during which students, staff, and faculty expressed a desire to develop a vision for a sustainable campus. This draft Campus Sustainability Plan 1.0 is the latest step in UCSC's efforts to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of campus operations. Its release marks the culmination of a year long, collaborative effort of individuals from across UCSC's administrative and academic divisions and represents the campus's first comprehensive effort to build a cohesive, phased strategy for the future of campus sustainability.


The campus is also proud to announce UCSC's reception of the 2010 Acterra Bay Area Business Environmental Award in Pollution Prevention and Resource Conservation. Acterra, a non-profit organization with a 40-year history of environmental programming in and around Silicon Valley, is one of the San Francisco Bay Area's oldest and most prestigious environmental recognition programs.

Chancellor's Executive Committee on Sustainability and Climate Change

The Chancellor has established the Chancellor's Executive Committee on Sustainability and Climate Change, co-chaired by Assistant Chancellor Ashish Sahni and Vice Chancellor of University Relations Donna Murphy. Over the coming academic year the executive committee will focus on integrating sustainability into the campus's living, research, and teaching endeavors, guiding us toward a more comprehensive sustainability program.