UC Travel Advisory Regarding Mexico

To: UCSC Community

From: Saladin Sale, Director of Risk Services

As you may know, the U.S. State Department has issued travel warnings to U.S. citizens regarding travel in the northern states of Mexico. If you are planning any travel to this region, or if you know of any colleagues already there, please read the following information:

Based on the situation in northern Mexico, the Office of the President has asked that UC faculty, staff and students traveling in Mexico or planning to travel to Mexico register with iJET. This will assure that they can also take advantage of the important information provided by iJET.

iJET provides real time intelligence and travel alerts designed to keep the traveler well informed throughout their trip. Registered UC travelers will receive direct e-mail notices from iJET/Worldcue regarding political unrest, natural disasters, war activities, health warnings, etc. They also provide services for medical emergencies or evacuation, emergency travel arrangements, safe housing, security, and finally rescue and extraction should the situation become critical.

Please go to http://risk.ucsc.edu/travel/UCSC_Travel_Notice--May_2010.pdf for full information about registering with iJET and other travel insurance and security protection benefits for UC faculty, staff and students.

Please contact Linnae Davenport in the UCSC Risk Services office at (831) 459-1585, ldavenpo@ucsc.edu if you have any immediate questions about travel insurance benefits.