A cappella is finding a voice at UCSC

In all, there are five a cappella groups at UCSC now, two established in the last year--one all-female and one all-male.

That doesn't compare to schools in the Ivy League, but UCSC is up and coming, with shows that draw as many as 300 customers and groups that travel constantly to perform at other campuses.

"We're smaller than schools like Berkeley, but I don't think that detracts from our talent," says junior Ian De Borja, a member of Cloud 9 and a founder of brand-new Trouble Alliance. "Everyone's good; I love watching everyone perform."

Chris Crawford of A Cappella Records founded, directed, and sang in Acquire A Cappella for three years and founded and currently directs the High Tones.

Here's the rundown on the five groups and how to catch their acts:

Cloud 9: pop-rock from Jackie Wilson to Lady Gaga; 14 co-ed members

Acquire A Cappella: 18 co-ed members

Isang Himig: affiliated with the Filipino Student Association; 18 co-ed members

The High Tones: pop-rock from The Beatles to Destiny's Child; 11 female members

The Trouble Alliance: pop with a barbershop flair; 8 male members;

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