From the editor

We're back.

You may have noticed that you haven't received a Review magazine in the mail for awhile. That's because we suspended publication of our print version after the winter '08-'09 issue because of budget challenges, though of course Review magazine, and archives, continued to be available on the web at

However, we've reallocated funding to this important publication because we understand the value of the printed word, of keeping in touch with our community, and of telling our story--sharing the extraordinary advances and accomplishments made by our programs and our people.

We've changed the paper we use to a thinner, lighter selection that's less expensive. This way we use less paper--appropriate for a campus with high environmental ideals--and also save money.

But there are other, more substantive changes. We've done some work to make the magazine cleaner, bolder, more relevant, both in design and in content.

In this issue, you'll read about how our people will help shape the next decade: An engineering professor is quietly staging the networking revolution; astronomers are making important new advances in understanding our universe; politically connected alumni are wrestling with the question of how to fix California's budget morass. And much more.

So--we're back. We hope you like this new Review--and that it makes you proud.

Let us know what you think--we want your letters. Write to us at

--Gwen Mickelson, editor