Reference Letter Service Transition to Interfolio, Inc.

To: UCSC Faculty

UC Santa Cruz Career Center is pleased to announce our new partnership with Interfolio, Inc. for online management of letters of recommendation as of May 1, 2010. Interfolio is a well-established, low cost, online credentials management service for candidates applying to graduate/professional schools, fellowships and academic positions. This service offers students more service options and faster turnaround at a similar or lower cost. Interfolio also offers faculty letter writers a variety of service options absolutely free of charge. You can now easily submit letters of recommendation electronically or via postal mail, manage and track all your letters (confidential or not) in one central place and simplify the recommendation process for your students. You can tour the letter submission process at: and download a complete guide at:

Transition Process

Students who currently have a reference letter account with the Career Center (Graduate Reference letter Service, Health Science Letter Service or PhD Reference Letter Service) will have the option to continue to receive service through the Career Center until July 1, 2013.

If you are writing a letter of recommendation to students who have not opened a new letter service account and would like to, you may refer them directly to

For students who currently have letters on file with the Career Center Reference Letter Service and would like transfer them to Interfolio, they will need to first open an account with Interfolio, then complete a Transfer Request Form available here:

Advantages of Interfolio you can share with your students:

Flexible: deliveries can be sent electronically or by mail to any opportunity with FREE document scanning

Fast: deliveries are sent within one day (once letter(s) are on file)

Options: one, three and five year options

For Life: Letters on file for life, can renew an expired account at any time

Requests: Initiate request from letter writers by email or print using templates provided

For additional information about Interfolio and its services please refer to the links below: Applicants:


If you would like additional information or have any questions or concerns please call Inga Gonzalez at 831-459-4021.