Academic Senate meets Friday, April 23

Members of the Academic Senate

Santa Cruz Division

Dear Colleagues:

We will meet for our first Senate meeting of Spring quarter on Friday, April 23, at 2:30pm at Kresge Town Hall (click here for agenda). Our main action item, put forward by the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), is a proposal to change Senate Regulation 9.2 to make undergraduate narrative evaluations instructor-optional. SEC has been studying various NES options since Fall 2009, and the Senate discussed these options at our February Senate meeting, followed by the campus forum on NES that occurred in March. Whether you are a supporter of optional or required narrative evaluations expect a lively discussion and best of all, it is now time to vote!

We will hear from Chancellor Blumenthal and EVC Kliger. As is our custom, both will be available for Q&A following their remarks. Bring your Qs for them! Listen to fellow Senators' questions and stand to ask your own! Specifically, this meeting offers an opportunity to ask about EVC Kliger's budget reductions (click here) in the context of the Committee on Planning and Budget Report included in this call.

In the Chancellor's October 2009 "Two Year Goals Statement" (click here) the chancellor, with full acknowledgement of our short term budgetary challenges, laid out near-term campus planning approach (sidebar page 4) in the context of the campus strategic academic plan vision (sidebar page 3). We are now near the mid-point of this two year period and it is time to assess our progress and understand the degree to which we have aligned near term budget reductions with our long term vision.

I look forward to seeing you at the Senate meeting.


Lori Kletzer, Chair

Academic Senate