Status of Community Studies major

To: UCSC Community

From: Alison Galloway, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

The Academic Senate's Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) has suspended the Community Studies major. This decision, which follows a lengthy period of concern, was made by CEP with input from the faculty and after consultation with the Dean of Social Sciences and central administration.

The suspension restricts new admission to the major for at least two years.

Effects on current students should be minimal.

. Students who are currently declared as Community Studies majors will be able to complete their degree.

. Prospective majors, who have already demonstrated intent to declare based on their enrollment or completion of a Community Studies course, will be allowed to proceed with the major.

In short, declared and prospective majors will be accommodated in the required courses. The course offerings for the next two to three years will be planned by the faculty in collaboration with the divisional administration.

For more background, please see the CEP decision.

Inquiries and concerns about this decision may be addressed to my office.

Thank you.