Student Employment

To: UCSC Staff and Faculty

From: Barbara Silverthorne, Acting Director Career Center

On campus, employment is proven to be a significant factor in student retention. Studies have shown that retention rates for students working on-campus 10 to 20 hours per week are improved over those working less, working more, and holding off-campus jobs.

In the current climate of higher economic need and more competition in the job market, it is important to post campus jobs and follow open recruitment practices. Hiring without posting creates a hidden job market, which is likely to disadvantage the students most in need. I request your support in resisting the trend toward hiring students who make direct contact in favor of posting positions and giving all students the opportunity to engage in fair competition for campus jobs.

I bring this the attention of the broader campus because the daily current postings in the Employee Request System have declined sharply from an average of 50 to less than 20 while actual hiring is only down 8.5%.

The Career Center has updated the on-line student employment policies and procedures including a new Student Employment Philosophy, which articulates best practices for the campus available on the following web page:

While there have been no significant changes to the policies, the entire document has been revised and simplified. It is hoped that these changes make it easier to find information when needed. Pete Norton is available to answer policy questions at 459-4024. I am available to provide guidance to both students and employers at 459-4590. Thank you.