UCSC in the News

Rolling Stone magazine featured an article on UCSC's Grateful Dead Archive--quoting music professor and department chair Fred Lieberman ("an expert on Asian music who co-authored three books with Dead drummer Mickey Hart") as well as the Library's head of Special Collections Christine Bunting. The piece noted that a recent exhibit in New York "offers a first look at UCSC's massive research collection."

Articles on the Grateful Dead Archive also appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Montreal's the Gazette, the Chicago Tribune the United Airlines in-flight magazine Hemispheres, the Southern California Auto Club (AAA) magazine, and the national AARP newsletter-plus the CBS Evening News for a story about how the band's success is now being studied in business schools.

Anthropologist Andrew Mathews was quoted in an Economist article about a conference at Asilomar last month on global warming and geoengineering. The article and Mathew's comments were then referenced in the Freakonomics blog in the New York Times.

History professor Dana Frank contributed an article to the April 5 issue of the Nation titled "Hondurans' Great Awakening" about the political turmoil in Honduras.

The Sunday Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle ran a feature story on Shakespeare Santa Cruz artistic director Marco Barricelli, who is currently co-starring with Olympia Dukakis in The Vigil at American Conservatory Theater.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote about the Rethinking Capitalism conference organized by politics professor Bob Meister and founded by alumnus Stephen Bruce.

The Sentinel also reported on Day by the Bay, the community-oriented alumni weekend, and noted in passing that UCSC has completed its hook up to a high-speed fiber optic network.

The Korean Herald ran a story about literature professor Rob Wilson and his book Be Always Converting, Be Always Converted: An American Poetics, focusing on his use of Bob Dylan as an example of the role spiritual conversion plays in American literature, history and culture.