Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Control Program

To: UCSC Community

From: Larry Pageler, TAPS Director

Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has launched a pilot traffic control program to reduce cross-campus travel times and increase pedestrian safety. Throughout Spring 2010, student workers will staff major campus intersections during three class breaks each day, facilitating turn-taking between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The program is currently underway at the Porter/College Eight intersection. After an initial two-week training period, the program will expand to new crosswalks or intersections one week at a time, moving across campus to the east.

The six locations are: Porter/College Eight; Science Hill; College 9/10; the McLaughlin/Chinquapin intersection; Crown/Merrill crosswalk; and Hagar/Steinhart intersection near Quarry Plaza.

During the pilot, the program will run during three class breaks each day (10:40, 12:10, and 1:40 on MWF, and 9:45, 11:45, and 1:45 on TTh). If the program is determined to be successful in reducing cross-campus travel times and improving pedestrian safety in a cost-efficient manner, an expanded program - covering four-to-six class breaks each day - will roll out Fall Quarter. Comments and feedback are welcome at