UCSC in the News

Anthropology professor Nate Dominy is featured on the cover of the April issue of Current Biography, beating out Academy Award winner Mo'Nique and singer Lee Ann Womack whose biographies are also included in the April issue.

Seismologist Emily Brodsky was interviewed on National Public Radio's Morning Edition on the subject of whether big earthquakes increase seismic activity.

A robotics demonstration by engineering students in the "Introduction to Mechatronics" class was featured on the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The monthly magazine Current Biography selected anthropology professor Nate Dominy for the cover of its April issue.

The Sentinel published a Page 1 article on a $2.1 million National Science Foundation grant that will link environmental science grad students with teachers and students at Watsonville High School.

The Sentinel also reported on campus architect Frank Zwart being named to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects.

Earth scientist Andrew Fisher was featured in coverage of a project to study microbial life in Earth's "deep biosphere" beneath the ocean floor, including stories in the Sentinel, Monterey County Herald, Charlotte Observer, Kansas City Star, Charleston Gazette, St. Paul Pioneer Press, New Zealand Press Association, and Yahoo News.

Nature magazine highlighted research by environmental toxicologists Myra Finkelstein and Donald Smith on lead poisoning in California condors.

A research project led by astronomer Sandra Faber using the Hubble Space Telescope to survey distant galaxies was covered in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Sky & Telescope magazine.

Biologist Glenn Stewart's work with the peregrine falcons nesting on San Jose City Hall was covered in the San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times.

Science magazine highlighted research by ocean scientists Pia Moisander and Jonathan Zehr on the global distribution of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria.

Popular Science ran a story about research by planetary scientist Don Korycansky on possible consequences of trying to blow up an asteroid heading toward Earth.

Astronomer Dale Kocevski was involved in a study revealing a mysterious stream of distant galaxy clusters that was covered by Physics World, Space Daily, and Scientific Computing.

An article in the Mercury News mentioned that the science of agroecology was pioneered at UC Santa Cruz and demonstrates that the sum productivity on small parcels of land is greater than on single large parcels.