UCSC in the News

New Scientist and Popular Science magazines ran stories about research by planetary scientist Don Korycansky on possible consequences of trying to blow up an asteroid heading toward Earth.

The front page of the March 11 Arts section of the New York Times featured a story about UCSC's Grateful Dead Archive and its historical impact, quoting Music Department Chair Fredric Lieberman and the Library's Head of Special Collections Christine Bunting--as well as historians, sociologists, and other academic researchers from across the country. The print edition included a number of large color images of archive materials, plus a link to an online slide show.

KTVU Channel 2 interviewed environmental studies professor Chris Wilmers for a story on mountain lions in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Speaking of lions, Johns Hopkins Magazine's spring issue features an article on research by anthropology professor Nate Dominy and doctoral candidate Justin D. Yeakel on the famed Tsavo lions thought to have devoured railroad workers in East Africa at the close of the 19th century.

Computer scientist Michael Mateas was featured in a CNET story about innovations in the use of artificial intelligence in video games.

History professor Dana Frank appeared on the Bay Area's KPFA radio and on Portland's KBOO to talk about the political situation in Honduras. The Santa Cruz Sentinel also announced a local lecture by Frank on resistance and repression in Honduras.

Research by astronomer Mark Krumholz was included in a Scienceline story about massive star formation.

Ocean scientist Jonathan Zehr's research on marine microbes was covered by Space Daily, Softpedia, and Chemical and Chemistry.