Revitalizing Undergraduate Education at UC Santa Cruz

Last spring, UCSC's Academic Senate made comprehensive changes to the campus's 25-year-old general education requirements - the coursework required of all students. The changes, which take effect in Fall 2010, are designed to better prepare our students for life in the complex, information-rich environment of the 21st century. They are summarized, below:

UCSC has provided basic funding for the new curriculum, but an additional $200,000 in private contributions are needed to fully fund the effort. For more information, please go to the Fund to Revitalize the Undergraduate Curriculum web site. Thank you.

New general education requirements emphasize interdisciplinary themes, global engagement

Building on the UCSC's longstanding commitment to undergraduate education, the campus's Academic Senate has endorsed revisions to the general-education curriculum. The new requirements emphasize interdisciplinary themes that create opportunities for students to consider and analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives.

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New requirement ensures students acquire discipline-based writing experience

Before they graduate, UCSC students will receive high-level writing instruction tailored to their field of study, preparing them for the demands of an increasingly professional workforce. The new proposal will enhance undergraduate education by requiring students to acquire five credits in writing-intensive classes appropriate to their academic discipline during their junior or senior year.

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